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    Founded in April 1951, China Merchants Jinling Shipyard(Weihai) Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as CMJL(Weihai)), formerly Weihai Shipyard of Shandong Province. In November 2019,China Merchants Industry Holding Co., Ltd. acquired the company equity held by AVIC International and changed its name to China Merchants Jinling Shipyard(Weihai) Co., Ltd.

    The company occupies an area of 1.4 million square meters, the usable sea area is 1.65 million square meters, with the 2,544 meters coastline (built 1,227 meters outfitting quays). There is one slipway with a capacity of 50,000 DWT, one repair dock with a capacity of 100,000 DWT and one building dock with a capacity of 100,000 DWT, which are equipped with 400-ton and 800-ton gantry cranes and other facilities. The main business scope of CMJL(Weihai) covers the design, manufacture, maintenance and refitting of large and medium-sized vessels and offshore engineering. In recent years, CMJL(Weihai) has successively delivered 2500TEU container vessel, 225FT jack-up offshore platform, 6000T Subsea Rock Installation vessel, 2500 LM Ro-Ro vessel and 930P/3100LM high-end RoPax vessel and so on. 

    CMJL(Weihai) has established the management system of quality, environment, occupational health and safety as well as energy, and promoted the certification of "two-oriented" integration management system by relying on digital shipbuilding, which is the enterprise technology center recognized by Shandong Province and the national high-tech enterprise.

    At present, CMJL(Weihai) has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of "Building and Repairing developing simultaneously ". By optimizing and strengthening the construction of high-end RoPax vessel and special engineering vessel, CMJL(Weihai) is steadily developing the repair and refitting business of vessel and offshore engineering, which focus on building the leading manufacturing base for advanced RoPax vessel in world and to be the leading offshore engineering repair and refitting base in China.



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